A Note From Paraguay

August 31, 2004

Bob and Brenda Boston, missionaries in Paraguay, wrote an email this week, updating us on their ministry in these areas:

Extending Christs love begins with those that are closest to us. Last February in VBS while I was teaching on the importance of reaching our family for Christ, a six year old raised her hand and said, “my grandma says she would rather go to hell than ever step foot in this church”. We took a moment to talk to the little girl and then we prayed for her grandma. . . and we have been praying for grandma ever since. A week ago, grandma came to church. Grandma was touched by the love the church showed to her family the week that her mother died and another granddaughter was born. In the midst of tragedy and life changing events, the family of Christ was there to support her family in so many practical ways, that it broke through the preconceived ideas and unfounded hatred.

Preparing for 40 Days of Purpose. In addition to attending church, grandma has committed to participating with the San Lorenzo church (and 10 other churches in the greater Asunción area) in the campaign “40 Days of Purpose”. The campaign begins September 5 and the San Lorenzo church has 27 homes that will be opening their doors to share the program with family, neighbors and co-workers. Pray for open hearts to the message of what God wants from each one of us as we read “The Purpose Driven Life” together. Three CMA churches in the country are participating together in this campaign.

The months of July and August brought teams from Trinity Alliance, Redding CA, and Paradise Alliance as well as a team of youth from North Carolina. The teams gave the San Lorenzo church a boost as they helped to construct the CE building in the back of the church and add a roof. Paradise CMA built a home for the pastor and his new wife in San Antonio so they can live close to the people. The teams participated in VBS, special evangelistic events, ladies teams, youth events and special speaking. We are thankful for the practical help and for the encouragement that each team brings us personally.


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