Accident with a Message

September 7, 2004

My friend Steve Diehl just wrote this to me in an email:

Driving to Sacramento at 70mph yesterday, Labor Day, I watched a pickup in front of me drift off the road, loose control, and roll and flip at least 5 times, ending up on its side. One man was ejected out the front window, 3 others were stuck inside with twisted metal. I was one of the first responders, and ended up down in the middle of the road talking to the young man who had been thrown from the truck. Others were stopping traffic and attending to those still inside the vehicle.

It seemed like forever that I was eye to eye with the man in critical condition. Trying to keep him calm. Seeking to keep him from moving. Talking with him about his family and his job and trying to keep him from drifting off. He kept asking me to help him, yet we both knew he couldn’t move. He was in very bad shape.

When the ambulance and other emergency personnel arrived on the scene, there was a genuine sense of urgency about everything they did. Yet they were very calculated and careful in attending to the needs at the scene.

My heart is heavy today for the 4 men in the accident. It’s also heavy with a burden for the lost, dying, and hurting people of our world who are desperately in need of Jesus Christ. There is an urgency to our day, an emergency of genuine proportions, with people in our sight speeding toward a spiritual disaster on a destination apart from God. I want to have a calculated attendance to needs around me with a sense of the spiritual crisis at hand. Father, help me to experience YOU today as I make myself available to be involved in rescue operations by your appointment. Help me to look into the eyes of people and reflect the love of Christ to them. Let that be my everday Labor Day.

I hope you get a chance to share with someone the hope that is ours in Christ Jesus.



  1. 🙂
    I envy your faith

  2. sorry your friends faith

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