The Chinese Viewpoint on Abortion

September 9, 2004

Perhaps we sometimes view the abortion debate in our country as a philosophical stalemate. Both sides disagree vehemently with each other, and neither side can afford to give in one inch in the “battle”. Pro-life forces believe that to give in to even some abortions costs the life of many children who would otherwise have a chance to make their impact on this world. Those who support abortion (or at least the “right to choose”) feel that to allow any types of abortion to be taken away is tantamount to selling the whole deal down the river. They subscribe to the “slippery slope” rationale.

But there are other countries that do not deal with this issue as a debate but as a struggle to stay away from government intervention. In this country, many object to having the right to an abortion taken away from them. But what if the reverse were true? What if we had to fight to have a child birth? Seem farfetched? Read this article by Steven Ertelt and speculate what this means for us in the USA.


One comment

  1. The chinese viewpoint on abortion is very different, needless to say, from Western thought. The chinese tend to think that life does not begin at conception but rather when a person takes their first breath.

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