Christian musicians with Secular Labels -Rick

September 15, 2004

I am the kind of person who listens to lyrics at least as much as accompaniment. For some time now I have enjoyed discovering bands and song writers who appear to be Christian (or who at least have a Christian world view) based on their lyrics. In fact my favorite bands arem’t Christian bands, but bands whose members are christians. I have researched a few of them.

Too many have the same story. They formed the band to give glory to God with modern Rock. Then, the church rejected their music and as a result they rejected the church, but not God (which, of course, is hard to do). Others simply don’t want to be pegged down to only Christian audiences. A secular label opens their message to unbelieving audiences.

I particularly like U2, whose spiritual journey is a bit more known than most. Other artists of this type are Jimi Hendrix and Cher….okay not really. Recently I started listening to Collective Soul again. In “Precious Declarartion” he says salvation has discovered him. And in “The World I Know” sounds like a description of someine coming to faith in God. You can find lyrics at a number of different websites like www.lyricsfreak.com .

I would be curious to here what you all think of the bands/songs I mentioned(other than Jimi Hendix and Cher) and any others you have found.

Rick Gall


One comment

  1. There is a band that started in the 60s as a Gospel group, totally dedicated to singing the Truth. I am talking about the Oakridge Boys. Of course, in the late 70s, they decided to totally change their image and became the ZZ Top of the Country/Western genre. I am not sure they lost all my respect (their music was still good), but most CW people I know haven’t a clue about their roots, because they never mention God.

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