Freud vs. C.S. Lewis

September 22, 2004

In case you missed this series back in June, PBS is rebroadcasting their simulated debates between Atheist/humanist Sigmund Freud and Theist/Christian C.S. Lewis. In these debates, they deal with the ultimate questions of life, God and existence. For those who like this sort of thing, as I really do, this is the ultimate broadcast. Go here for Mark Earley’s assessment of what you will see. The broadcast is on tonight by the way.


One comment

  1. This DVD would be a good investment for the youth group. How many of these ideas do high school kids encounter every single day. We must inoculate our kids against ideas because they are the single most powerful weapon the Enemy uses against people in their everyday lives-even if they don’t realize it. This would also be a great follow-up to Pastor Mike’s sermon today (the 26th) because most people would like to respond graciously to those who cross our “values line” but they are afraid or don’t know what to say in response. Talk, think, and encourage our young people to stand boldly in the face of a culture that will only slide downward more and more if we do not do something now.

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