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Urgent Prayer Request

October 29, 2004

This just came in from my Alumni hotline:

Dean Hellekson has asked people to pray for a miracle concerning his wife Antonia.

She was seriously injured when her horse stumbled and she stuck her head on the ground. She has been unconscious since it happened Monday.

Their worst fears were confirmed Thursday when the doctor said that she is brain dead.

Only a miracle can bring her back to this life.

Dean and Antonia were on staff at Grande Prairie Alliance (Alberta, CANADA) in the late 90’s. They are pastoring in a church in Seattle and had recently adopted 2 grade school children from Haiti.

The family has gathered in Seattle and are waiting on God, not all of the family are believers, much wisdom and grace is required.

Thank you

Can you join me in praying for a miracle?


Pray for Christian/Muslim Relational Peace

October 29, 2004

We could sit in coffee clatches and discuss for hours how the Islamic world is violent and bent on the destruction of the infidels. There is definitely truth to that, especially if you have read the Qu’uran and seen its edicts about the annihilation of unbelievers.

Healing Iraq blog talks about some of the worst atrocities happening right now in the northern part of his country. As a muslim he is ashamed of his religion’s actions against Christians in Mosul:

Leaflets and handbills signed by Ansar Al-Sunna have been circulated in Mosul starting from early Ramadan warning women of a terrible fate if they venture in public without the hijab. At Mosul University, several student groups handed notices to Christian students also warning them from showing up at college with their heads uncovered. As you know, Mosul is inhabited by the largest Christian community in the country, so we are talking of thousands of students here not a hundred or two. The Chaldo-Assyrian student union has been issuing statements of condemnation for days but no official move has yet been made to ensure the safety of Iraqi Christian students at university. Several thousand students have gone on strike while a few have chosen to accept their fate and cover their heads.

Ironically, this reminds me of all the hype in the media and the ‘Arab street’ about the French hijab ban. I lost count of the number of talk shows and symposiums condemning the cruel and barbaric French decision and lamenting ‘basic human freedoms’. As far as I know, French Muslim girls have not been threatened with death or beheading if they wear the hijab in public. Is it then impudent to ask Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiya for one single talk show with a seething enraged fist-shaking table-banging Arab ‘intellectual’ or commentator denouncing the act of Muslim student groups in Mosul? … I thought so. We are always the loudest people to ask for rights while we offer none to others.

But, this morning there is this breaking story on FoxNews that should tell us where our concerns should really lie. This situation in Liberia only shows that Christians can be just as violent when they stop praying and decide to do something about it. This is not the way. Will you join me in praying for Liberia?


Ours is not the only Election

October 28, 2004

This news comes out of Baghdad through the blogger “Healing Iraq” (an Iraqi that likes to report inside news from the Shi’ite perspective).

ayyid Ahmed Al-Safi, a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, reiterated during the Friday prayers sermon at Karbala the call of the Maji’iya for widespread participation and voting in the upcoming elections late January 2005. Al-Safi stressed that ‘heavy participation in the voting procedures is a national and legal (religious) duty,’ adding that those who refrain from voting would ‘enter Jahannam (Hell)’.

Al-Safi strongly denied rumours appearing in the media last week that the Marji’iya or Sistani had prepared or endorsed any slate of candidates. This following attempts by several Islamic parties in the south (such as the Da’wa party, SCIRI, and Hizbollah) to mislead Shi’ite Iraqi voters that they are backed and supported by the Marji’iya, or that voting for candidates from these specific parties is an ‘order’ from the Sayyid (Sistani). Some have even presented forged statements with Sistani’s seal on them to convince potential voters.

Meanwhile, the Association of Muslim Scholars continues its threats to boycott the elections especially if a military campaign is carried out against Fallujah or other ‘Sunni’ towns and areas. On the other hand, several Sunni clerics as well as the Islamic party have issued statements strongly encouraging Iraqi Sunnis to vote in order to guarantee representation in the government and not to fall into the trap of avoiding the elections.

Another Shi’ite cleric, Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammed Al-Ya’qubi, leader of the Islamic Fadhila party and a disciple of the late Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammed Sadiq Al-Sadr, also stressed in a recent statement that voting is an imperative duty for all Muslims the same as prayers or fasting.


Golden Corral with a Golden Idea

October 28, 2004

This is what I like to see…this is a practical way of saying thank you.


Prophetic Word about the election

October 28, 2004

Bill Yount is a prophetic intercessor and posts this message about how we might look at voting on Tuesday:

In the Spirit, I saw the latest poll being taken by the angels, showing many of God’s people who were taking for granted who was going to be the next president, falling behind in prayer! I heard the Father proclaiming to His people, “Your prayer closet is your voting booth for this election! You must vote now on your knees or the results of this election will drive you to inhabit your prayer closets!”

Again, God was speaking to His People, “The real election will take place before November 2nd. If you make your calling and ‘your’ election sure at My cross, I will move My throne to rest over the White House. My people, America, is at a cross-roads…but you are at the cross! And if you miss your crucifixion, America will miss her resurrection! If you make your calling and ‘your’ election sure at My cross before November 2nd, I will turn the White House into a Light House to the world!”

“Voting Booth” Angels were being released to awaken many of God’s people — to give them no rest, for they would not see the answer to their prayers for this election until the “voting booths” literally became their prayer closets on November 2nd.


I sense The Passion of the Christ movie was released recently to call us back to the cross, so we wouldn’t face another cross-roads in America in this election like we did in the last one. He wants our sins so He can wash us whiter than snow with the blood of Jesus — so He can wash our whole nation from her sins.

Vote early this election. The real election is taking place now in the hearts of God’s people. Let’s make our calling and our “election” sure. The word election means “chosen” by God. “Many are called but few are chosen.”

“I’ll meet you at the cross…then I’ll see you at the voting booth!”


Yes, I’m Telling You who to Vote For!

October 27, 2004

Ironic isn’t it? Since I have not completed my citizenship application, I really shouldn’t be involved in the election process, since compared to almost all of you (except those overseas who read this) I can’t vote. That is my procrastinating, penny-pinching (it costs to apply to become a citizen), green-card carrying choice; I know. But that doesn’t stop me from helping you come to a decision that may make a difference in this election.

First, my credentials for counseling you in your constitutional rights. Though I rarely bring up politics in my approaches to speaking and writing, I hold very deep and well-thought out political views. I come by it honestly. Three generations of males in my family have run for political office, and though my brother and I will most likely break that trend, it has left its indicia on our hearts. It also seems that the political pendulum swings back and forth from one generation to the next, so I may be qualified to see both sides of what may not be an easy choice for President. My great-grandfather was a Fabian Socialist (look it up here), his son was a strong Right-wing Progressive Conservative, and my own father waffled back and forth between socialism and conservatism. Political debates among my aunts, uncles, cousins and parents were legendary, more for their wit and verbosity but sometimes for their implied violence. Yes, I come from a line of serious polits.

My dad helped me know who to vote for, and took me with him to vote. Others are doing that fairly regularly now, and it is a good way to teach children the importance of their vote. So I learned from him these simple rules about choosing a candidate.

1. Be Loyal to Your Party: If you have joined a political party, and over the years you have been satisfied that they represent your viewpoint and stance in life, do not abandon them because your candidate may not completely embody everything you would want him to be. Everyone has their flaws and, remember, your party selected him as their candidate. If you absolutely cannot support your Presidential candidate, you should also leave the party for it has departed from you (or you from it).

2. Be Loyal to All Your Values: If you have not joined a political party, then use a much broader brush to paint your vote than you are accustomed. Too many people choose a candidate who stands for one of the issues they stand for. The most obvious one would be abortion, but other issues like the War, gun-control, taxes and spending, Civil rights, personal integrity, etc. also need to be factored in. If you support a candidate for one issue alone, you may find that you lock your vote into someone who will oppose your viewpoint on many other issues.

3. Ignore Societal Pressures: My dad used to deride my mother for voting opposite of him. He would even yell, “you’re canceling out my vote.” After that, she decided not to tell him who she voted for. In this election, many people are going to call upon your loyalty to them to sway your vote. Churches may do this. So may neighborhood organizations, social organizations, work organizations, friends and relatives. Each of these groups sees the election in terms of themselves and wants you to see it in that light as well. Resist the admonitions of well-meaning ‘others’ as you decide. This is a democracy: You can choose for yourself.

4. Vote for the person not the future: You have no idea what the future might bring. You have no idea who may attack us, what natural disasters may befall, what crises of global proportion may meet the man who would be president. You have to look at the character of those running and say, “Would they have the principles and courage to face anything that comes”. Personally, I think both candidates have shown serious flaws of character over the last few years. But if I were voting, my question would be this: Which one will stand the test in the greatest variety of problems? That would determine my vote.

Who would I vote for? Since I am not a member of a political party (my green card disallows me) that would not sway me. Since my values at various points would disqualify both candidates on some issue or another, that would leave me in a quandary. Since I rarely do what others tell me, I don’t think that would be the issue.

As to the future, I have my suspicions. I would probably vote for the candidate with the most courage. I think I know which one that is. You have to decide for yourself which one also. But please vote.


Good News and Bad News from Iraq

October 27, 2004

We don’t usually use this column to remark or relay information and opinions on political topics or world events, unless they directly cross the line into a Christian perspective. But, since the “earth is the Lord’s” what happens militarily on this planet should concern all of us.

The success of our military is of utmost concern to most Americans, as we look at the future of our nation-building efforts in Iraq. The latest (though spurious) accounts of missings munitions in Iraq only fuel our possible fear and trepidations.

That’s why this article is such a balanced and thoughtful look at where things have gone and are going in Iraq. I highly recommend you look at both how Saddam got the first laugh and we may get the last satisfied smile at the end.


A Link for the Ages

October 20, 2004

Many younger believers assume Christianity began around the time they began to believe in Jesus. History decidedly tells us otherwise. In order to make us all more aware of our heritage of Truth, there is an incredible database of free books you can access on the Internet that is the most complete set of Christian writings from the last 20 centuries. Not a single major Christian classic book is missing.

Go to: to read more. You may never stop reading once you start. The books on this site can be read in your browser, or they can be downloaded for reading later, both on your desktop and your PDA.


Congratulations to the Dunlaps

October 20, 2004

We want to wish Jeremiah and Marisa Dunlap major congratulations on the birth of their baby

Jamin Wesley Dunlap
Born October 17, 2004
Weighing 6 lbs 12oz
19 ins.

Join with me in praying for good health in his first few days. Maybe the Dunlaps will even send a picture we can add to this blog.


Cause for Hope

October 20, 2004

Perhaps there won’t be too many more Islamic countries to whom we will have to send troops to. The New York Times would like us to believe that there will be constant war for decades with the Islamic world. But here is an Islamic writer who make a great case otherwise. Let’s pray for peace.

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