Baseball and bible study

October 1, 2004

I watched a commercial where a video was touted that proposed to teach a young child all the skills necessary to become a major-leaguer. The producer of the video had trained many minor-league stars and would do the same for any child. We see the children all in a row, throwing the ball in exactly the same motion, presumably all hitting their mark, somewhere in left field (why anyone would throw a ball INTO left field is beyond me, but I’ve seen several catchers do it in pickoff moves to third base, so maybe we ought to teach how to do it right).

It got me thinking laterally. What if someone offered to teach your child to play baseball? His approach would be this: he would talk to the kid about baseball, show him many different styles of baseball, buy him his own baseball. Then the kid could attend all the baseball games he wanted, he could sit on the bench with the coach as the coach played. Afterwards, he could analyze the game with the coach and tell him whether he agreed with his methods. That’s it! That’s what would happen every time. The kid wouldn’t actually play baseball, but he would be there at every game and even run for a few foul balls if they were hit his way. His time on the bench would allow him the opportunity to comment freely on everything the instructor does.

Silly approach, huh?

Think about your average bible study. Doesn’t it have the same features as the “sit on the bench and comment on my play approach” to teaching baseball? The true Bible Study leader, the only one worth his salt, is the one who stops teaching the Bible and starts teaching people to study the Bible for themselves!

Unfortunately, that accounts for less than one percent of all the bible studies I have ever seen. Maybe you’ve seen differently.


One comment

  1. I did the same thing with business. In my training for Real Estate I could see the links between business training and the training the church used to use for lay people. Why did business copy these methods while the church forgot them?

    I just started a site that specializes in Bible Study. I would appreciate your comments. http://hystar.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/ez-bible-study/

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