A Supernatural Movement?

October 7, 2004

We are associated with a movement called the CMA (not the Country Music Association…the Christian and Missionary Alliance, silly). This movement has long been recognized for its contributions and leadership in the worldwide mission of the church.

But, often forgotten is its past involvement in the supernatural. Many Christians have looked upon the CMA as a holiness movement, but have somehow concluded that we are not full-gospel in our approach to the power of the Spirit or its manifestations. But look at this quote from Paul King, an historian looking at the early years of the CMA

Early in Alliance history, founder A. B. Simpson affirmed in his book Present Truths or the Supernatural, “In every age it ought still to be true, God also bearing them witness both with signs and wonders and with diverse miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost according to His own will. If the Christ of Christianity is the same yesterday, today and forever, the Chris­tianity of Christ ought also to be the same yesterday, today and forever.” Repeatedly, Simpson declared through the years, “The Alliance stands for the supernatural.”

I have researched early C&MA periodicals (forerunners of
Alliance Life) and discovered that they are filled with dozens of stories and testimonies of visions, dreams, audible voices, prophetic words, falling under the power of the Spirit, holy laughter, casting out demons, divine protection and miraculous healings with manifestations like trembling, heat or electric-like sensations, even long before the Pentecostal movement.

In 1885, as A. B. Simpson was conducting a healing meeting, he received a prophetic revelation (what some today call a word of knowledge) that someone was resisting God. A woman came forward, saying it was her and that she had been resisting prayer for healing. Simpson anointed her with oil and laid hands on her. She fell under the power of the Spirit, seemingly unconscious for half an hour. When she arose she was healed, without pain for the first time in 23 years.

You can read more about the early days of the Alliance and the power of God by going to the Alliance Life’s home page and this article.



  1. Interesting. Does the alliance still perform healings and such?

  2. We sure do. Most Alliance churches have healing services, though I imagine there are some that believe it more intellectually than actually practice it.

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