A Link for the Ages

October 20, 2004

Many younger believers assume Christianity began around the time they began to believe in Jesus. History decidedly tells us otherwise. In order to make us all more aware of our heritage of Truth, there is an incredible database of free books you can access on the Internet that is the most complete set of Christian writings from the last 20 centuries. Not a single major Christian classic book is missing.

Go to: www.ccel.org to read more. You may never stop reading once you start. The books on this site can be read in your browser, or they can be downloaded for reading later, both on your desktop and your PDA.


One comment

  1. Two sites of further interest are http://www.churchtimeline.com which is just that, a time line, but also throughout the timelines it has links to the person or their writings when mentioned (usually a link to ccel.org or another appropriate site with further historical information or writings by the person mentioned). The timelines give a very brief summary of a person or event, so it serves to couch the wonderful writings at ccel.org in a historical backdrop. Another generic site for church history to further broaden your rapidly expanding knowledge of our Christian heritage is http://www.spurgeon.org/~phil/hall.htm. This gives a lot of links to more original material and further information on almost anyone you can find on the ccel.org website. Since most people are probably already on their way over to all of the sites mentioned, stop yourself before you trip over each other and post any other websites that you have found similar and interesting. These two are ok, but I would enjoy finding anything new.

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