Prophetic Word about the election

October 28, 2004

Bill Yount is a prophetic intercessor and posts this message about how we might look at voting on Tuesday:

In the Spirit, I saw the latest poll being taken by the angels, showing many of God’s people who were taking for granted who was going to be the next president, falling behind in prayer! I heard the Father proclaiming to His people, “Your prayer closet is your voting booth for this election! You must vote now on your knees or the results of this election will drive you to inhabit your prayer closets!”

Again, God was speaking to His People, “The real election will take place before November 2nd. If you make your calling and ‘your’ election sure at My cross, I will move My throne to rest over the White House. My people, America, is at a cross-roads…but you are at the cross! And if you miss your crucifixion, America will miss her resurrection! If you make your calling and ‘your’ election sure at My cross before November 2nd, I will turn the White House into a Light House to the world!”

“Voting Booth” Angels were being released to awaken many of God’s people — to give them no rest, for they would not see the answer to their prayers for this election until the “voting booths” literally became their prayer closets on November 2nd.


I sense The Passion of the Christ movie was released recently to call us back to the cross, so we wouldn’t face another cross-roads in America in this election like we did in the last one. He wants our sins so He can wash us whiter than snow with the blood of Jesus — so He can wash our whole nation from her sins.

Vote early this election. The real election is taking place now in the hearts of God’s people. Let’s make our calling and our “election” sure. The word election means “chosen” by God. “Many are called but few are chosen.”

“I’ll meet you at the cross…then I’ll see you at the voting booth!”


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