Pray for Christian/Muslim Relational Peace

October 29, 2004

We could sit in coffee clatches and discuss for hours how the Islamic world is violent and bent on the destruction of the infidels. There is definitely truth to that, especially if you have read the Qu’uran and seen its edicts about the annihilation of unbelievers.

Healing Iraq blog talks about some of the worst atrocities happening right now in the northern part of his country. As a muslim he is ashamed of his religion’s actions against Christians in Mosul:

Leaflets and handbills signed by Ansar Al-Sunna have been circulated in Mosul starting from early Ramadan warning women of a terrible fate if they venture in public without the hijab. At Mosul University, several student groups handed notices to Christian students also warning them from showing up at college with their heads uncovered. As you know, Mosul is inhabited by the largest Christian community in the country, so we are talking of thousands of students here not a hundred or two. The Chaldo-Assyrian student union has been issuing statements of condemnation for days but no official move has yet been made to ensure the safety of Iraqi Christian students at university. Several thousand students have gone on strike while a few have chosen to accept their fate and cover their heads.

Ironically, this reminds me of all the hype in the media and the ‘Arab street’ about the French hijab ban. I lost count of the number of talk shows and symposiums condemning the cruel and barbaric French decision and lamenting ‘basic human freedoms’. As far as I know, French Muslim girls have not been threatened with death or beheading if they wear the hijab in public. Is it then impudent to ask Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiya for one single talk show with a seething enraged fist-shaking table-banging Arab ‘intellectual’ or commentator denouncing the act of Muslim student groups in Mosul? … I thought so. We are always the loudest people to ask for rights while we offer none to others.

But, this morning there is this breaking story on FoxNews that should tell us where our concerns should really lie. This situation in Liberia only shows that Christians can be just as violent when they stop praying and decide to do something about it. This is not the way. Will you join me in praying for Liberia?

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