39 of God’s Best

November 12, 2004

This past week I spent an exhilarating time with 39 of the finest young people I have ever met. I was teaching for a week on “Prayer, Intercession and Hearing God’s Voice” at the Youth With a Mission base in Northwest Montana. These students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging in age from 18-25. Their defining quality is their absolute zeal for learning to know Jesus. This isn’t just true of this group, but for YWAM in general. In fact, if you want a dynamic web site and a refreshing few minutes (especially if you have a broadband connection) go to the YWAM Montana home page.

In teaching these students, I do several exercises to help release the voice of God. One of those exercises involves asking God to give them something to pray for a situation they know nothing about. I presented a prayer need with no details, one I alone was familiar with and asked them to pray and listen to God for that request. When they shared what God had said to them, it was extremely accurate and helpful to my wife and I. These students know how to hear God’s voice. If they are our missionaries of the future, this world is going to be changed.

So thank you to: the two Melissas, the two Jessicas, the three Matthews, Patricia, Annie, Jochen, Jarina, Farik, Daniel, Kristen, Garrett, Mary, Kitty, Ben, Bryan, Farik, Marcus, Taylor, David, Allison, John, Megan, Joann, Joe, Marley, Jim, Tedi, Shannon, Kendra, Amanda, Grace, Rachel, Pete, Jin Ok, Jordan and Amber. These represent at least half a dozen countries, and are here in Montana to learn how to serve God and maybe become missionaries.

For those students above reading this, please post any thoughts from the week below here under comments


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