Interpreting Dreams and Visions – Part 1

November 13, 2004

By popular request, and because I didn’t have time to cover this in the last DTS, I have decided to do my ten-part series on “Interpreting Dreams and Visions” in this blog. I will post one teaching a day for the next ten days. These may be interspersed with other blog entries by the other members of the Staff, so read through if you want the big picture about dreams.

First, a starting point for our venture into this seemingly nebulous world of dreams. Ask this question: What part of you sleeps? Of course, your body sleeps; I guess this has been proven by those who hook the bodies of sleeping clients up to EEG machines. Our soul sleeps also. Our soul is the practitioner of choice…that is, our soul is the part of us that chooses…and it is apparent to all that we do not choose what we would dream. Oh, as a young teen boy, I put in many requests for what I wanted to dream. They rarely panned out.

So if the body and soul are crashing, where does the dream come from? All that is left, from a Biblical point of view, is the Spirit of Man. We are spirit beings (see Romans 8:5-11) and as such, we dwell in the Spirit realm as well as the physical. When we sleep, the physical falls away like the ground to an airplane. During sleep, we have the moment our spirit-man has been waiting for. The chance to interpret to our understanding what our spirits have been sensing.

For instance: Two very common types of dreams – The Anxiety dream and the Attack Dream. The Anxiety dream to a student looks like being in a test and you realize you haven’t attended a single class all semester, or haven’t studied for this test, or both. To a preacher, it shows us preaching in our underwear, with no notes. This doesn’t matter, because in the dream no one shows up for the sermon anyway. For the mother, it might be a dream of a house that will not be cleaned, a chore that will not end or a child that is just outside of our reach of safety. These dreams all have one source: We have been anxious about something, but our minds will not admit the fear or the dread. So it comes out when we dream.

In the same way, the Attack dream comes with spiritual force. The attack may come from a dog or other scary animal (common with small children), or it may be something inorganic like rain, heat, slipping in quicksand, being chased by a vehicle. It may be a mob that wants to destroy you. In all these cases, it is your spirit warning you that you are being attacked, feeling attacked, or undergoing spiritual warfare. Our minds, especially in this day of wanting to think positive thoughts, don’t want to think about others attacking us. So, our dreams display in picture form what we would not admit to ourselves while awake.

Next time, we will look at how God has used dreams in the annals of history and the testimony of the Bible.


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