November 17, 2004

You may have had the term “Postmodernism” thrown at you. Perhaps you thought it was a period of time in the world of paintings (you would be right about that) or that it was a societal trend to be avoided. That would be wrong. Here is a wonderful description of what it is and how to understand it from a Christian perspective.

The author has this to say, among other things, about Post-Modern beliefs:

Most people understand post-modernism to mean a type of relativism – truth is relative to each person or each different cultural group. In post-modernism my truth does not have to agree with your truth – but both are valid. It makes me smile to see relativity misapplied in this way. Einstein’s theory of relativity never proposed that everything is relative – but actually states that some things are relative when measured against some things that are constant and absolute. The theory of relativity hinges on the constancy of the speed of light.

It’s a good read if you have five minutes.


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