More than Study

November 19, 2004

This article on Fox News tells about how Congress is revisiting the issue of Online Pornography. Read it carefully and notice how they compare pornography addiction to heroin addiction. I don’t agree. I think pornography is much more addictive and perhaps more harmful.

For years, I have been a counselor to church leaders who struggle with sexual addictions. The Internet has made pornography so available and so easy (remember, you used to have to go the seedy part of town to get it) that it is virtually addictive to everyone who sees it. Not even Crank is that powerful a drug.

What does pornography addiction do? It is a type of false intimacy, so it cuts off real intimacy, both friendships and marital intimacy. It wastes time and causes adrenaline levels to rise high, so it actually causes depression and robs energy. It gets expensive eventually and therefore wastes resources. It promises intimacy without pain or rejection, so it causes those internal lies to fester even more.

Do you see my point? Pray that Congress will do more than study it this time.


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