One Down, a hundred million Atheists to go

December 9, 2004

To those who are keeping score, the amount of people in the world who call themselves atheists is approximately 100 million. For those who like math, that is one in 50. Not that it changes the math much, but according to ABC News, there is one very notable change in the total number.


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  1. This truly an historic moment for those who follow this sort of thing. Anthony Flew is considered the “leading” (or atleast one of the leading) atheists who has written in the area of philosophy of religion for the last fifty years. This is also important for the “average” layman in the church, because it underscores the importance of ideas. Satan uses ideas as his primary means of influence because of the power to exist uncritically and yet powerfully in a culture at large. Ideas matter to God and so they should to us. The Lord himself entered into a time in history steeped in ideas that, at that time in recorded history, had never seen the likes of before. He not only came as God incarnate to atone for our sins, but he brought intellectual solutions to the answers that the most intelligent of people were seeking after in the centuries prior to his birth. Where would the Christian church be without Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, Bunyan, Lewis, or Tolkien? The imaginative and the logical, the emotional and the theoretical matter deeply to God and can change the course of many things. I pray that the church would take the life of the mind seriously because there are people in our lives that have good questions and they do not deserve superficial answers. This is one thing Alpha will seek to do. If your faith matters to you then I urge you to cultivate your intellectual, artistic, and imaginative abilities for the Kingdom of God. Seek the church leadership if you have questions about your faith and let them guide you with solid answers and good resources. If you have further interest in this issue then look for these books: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead (Gary Habermas & Anthony Flew, a debate-beginners) and Does God Exist (William Lane Craig & Anthony Flew, a debate-advanced). These books involve Anthony Flew, so they are relevant to this issue. But we live in a time of nearly unprecedented intellectual activity, by conservative Christians in the areas of philosophy and apologetics-do not miss it! For a fascinating interview about this issue with Anthony Flew, by Gary Habermas, check at http://www.biola.edu called, Atheist turns Theist. Please pray for Dr. Flew that God might break through his heart and mind completely, so that he will know the saving power of Christ; that could have a powerful effect in England and throughout the world.

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