So Why are You Buying Lottery Tickets?

December 14, 2004

Yet one more piece of evidence to suggest the worst thing you could do would be to win the lottery. Look at this and tell me that it would be a good thing in any way shape or form. I know, I know…”God just let me prove to be the exception!” I doubt you or I would do anything except prove the rule: No one who wins the big prize in the lottery is anything but worse off.



  1. I agree I bought one ticket once many years ago when I was a Baptist and our regional director told a joke about a guy who pleaded daily that God would let him win the lottery, then one day he heard a voice he thought to be God and it told him, I could but you need to do your part and at least buy one ticket…
    My groceries came to EXACTLY 19 dollars the next day so I bought a 1.00 ticket… But before the drawing I was in such a quandrie as to what to do if I won I was actually relieved when I didn’t…

  2. Doris, thank God you didn’t win. I know I have. My father was a gambler at the racetracks. He would occasionally win big. He would then pour it all back into the racetrack and always came out a loser in the end. I think it would have been an epic tragedy had he won a big lottery.

  3. It seems to me to be condescending to assume that another individual could not cope with winning a big prize on the lottery. Surely the State Lottery authorities give plenty of advice to big winners.

    Certainly it must be very important to tie up a lot of the money in long-term investments and to give generous amounts to family and charities. Most people would like the opportunity. That’s why they play the lottery.

    I do find it worrying that people waste money on lotteries – some games are a hopeless rip-off and should be avoided like the plague. There is no justification in buying lots of tickets either because the odds are astronomical whether you buy one ticket or 100 tickets.

    At http://www.howtopicklotterynumbers.com we try to give advice that absolutely minimzes the investment – just buy one ticket.

    If you think winning would be a problem, decide in advance that 50% or more will go to charity. Surely you can believe in yourself to behave responsibly.

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