Darfur Revisited

December 16, 2004

Perhaps most Christians are vaguely aware of the mass killings in the Darfur region in the Sudan. What many Christians do not know is that most of the people being killed are Christians! This is actually a continuation of a decade-long persecution of Christians by those of Arab descent in the Sudan/Kenyan area of East Africa. For several years, it consisted of kidnapping children from their Christian homes and selling them as slaves to the Muslim minority. When the Christian parents resisted, they were shot, raped or imprisoned. As they gathered together to withstand these kidnappings, that is when the genocide started.

If you don’t believe me, read this article and pray with me that the God of Justice will do what the U.N. and American Government seem unwilling to do.

Pray also for the church leaders and missionaries in Chad who have had to change their ministries entirely to accomodate the refugees that are pouring over the border. Pray for our friend Mary Stone who ministers in Chad.


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