Nothing New

December 20, 2004

The birth of Christ, and its celebration, have always caused some people to become peace-loving and others to be combative. The Magi from Babylon were seeeking the new King born. They were seeking an era of peace unparalleled since the beginning of the world. But Herod was looking for a way to destroy the Messiah before he rose to prominence. Therefore, he ordered all the children under the age of 2 in Bethlehem to be slaughtered. History records few actions by a King to be any more senseless and depraved than that. Yet it surrounded the birth of Jesus.

Perhaps the most bloody battle in the Vietnam War was launched during a cease-fire over Christmas…the Tet Offensive. Several missionaries were among those slaughtered by the Viet Cong.

So, it should not come as a surprise, when we read this article on Fox News. Just decide after reading it that you want to be a man or woman of peace.

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