Depopulating Russia

December 23, 2004

One interesting sidenote in the Abortion debate. For decades, the Russian government encouraged young women to practice abortion as a means of birth control. During those years, the population remained static in size. Since the fall of the Communists, abortion rates have leveled off. But the women who have had abortions are now finding they cannot conceive! The population of Russia as a result has dropped drastically in the past five years. Look at this amazing paragraph from an article written by a member of the World Health Organization on the problems of fertility in Russia:

For one thing, Russian womanhood has, quite literally, been scarred by the country’s extraordinary popular reliance on abortion as a primary means of contraception—with the abortions in question conducted under the less-than-exemplary standards of Soviet and post-Soviet medicine. A Russian woman nowadays can expect to have more abortions than births over the course of her childbearing years. In 1988, at the end of the Soviet era, Russian women underwent an officially tabulated 4.6 million abortions—two for every live birth. In 2002, the country officially reported 1.7 million abortions—over 120 for every 100 live births.

Abortion supporters will tell you that abortion does not have long-term results. In the case of Russia, it is destroying their nation. In the same article, they say that at the current rate, the population of Russia will be wiped out completely in 100 years or less.

A staggering consequence of the use of abortion as birth control.


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