One More reason to pay attention in Geography Class

January 1, 2005

This is the most amazing story I have read in a long time. A ten-year old girl from England saved the lives of many people. And it is all because she paid attention last year in Geography class. Read about the amazing girl who saved people from the Tsunami last week in this article. Here is an excerpt:

Tilly warned the doubting adults at a resort that a massive tidal wave was about to strike – just minutes before the deadly tide rushed in and turned the resort into rubble. Tilly’s family, from Surrey, England, was enjoying a day at Maikhao Beach last Sunday when the sea rushed out and began to bubble.

The adults were curious, but Tilly froze in horror.

“Mummy, we must get off the beach now!” she told her mother. “I think there’s going to be a tsunami.”


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