Divorce Reform First

January 6, 2005

As much as I am concerned about the cultural divide over the issue of homosexual marriage, I have believed for a long time that we must address another issue in our country first: The issue of the easy availability of divorce.

For years, I have felt that this issue of easy divorce is what has allowed the marriage institution to be redefined: First by those who wanted to bypass marriage through cohabitation and second, by those who want to redefine the essential nature of the male-female relationship.

Now, here are two references you should read to get further background on this issue. First is an article by Mark Earley. In this article, he notes,

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, a well-known author and lecturer on marriage, pointed this out in a pre-election article, writing, “We can’t win the fight for heterosexual marriage without confronting the issue of divorce.”

She’s absolutely right. Although the divorce rate in this country has declined a bit in recent years, roughly half of marriages that begin every year are still fated to end in divorce. And the divorce rate among Christians, I’m sorry to say, matches or even exceeds that of nonbelievers.

Read more about his comments and observations here.

One of the answers being proposed across the country is the concept of the Covenant Marriage. This is becoming a legal state of marriage where divorce is much more difficult, and therefore makes marriage much more important. Read more about how Covenant Marriages are coming to be the law in many states at this site


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