Giving Review for America

January 6, 2005

Chuck Colson has this review of America’s current record of giving to humanitarian causes. He also makes this observation about the Tsunami relief:

I also find it noteworthy that of the top ten countries, none is a Muslim nation. Just yesterday, Saudi Arabia agreed, after much public criticism, to triple its originally pledged $10 million. Kuwait, a country that ran an unexpected $10 billion dollar surplus this year, also pledged $10 million—please. Since Indonesia, the country hardest hit by the tsunami, has the world’s largest Muslim population, it’s ironic and sad that these oil-rich nations are so reluctant to part with the riches that enable their leaders to live as kings and princes—even for fellow Muslims. By contrast, Americawith its Christian heritage is giving generously to non-Christian nations.

Read the rest of what he has to say here.


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