More Giving Reports

January 13, 2005

This report just in from a respected national journalist in Australia. In his article, he reviews how even though over 120,000 of the victims of the Tsunami were Muslim, and how Muslims in the Middle East are now, per capita, some of the richest people in the world, they represent a very tiny part of the giving towards the Tsunami relief. Who is doing most of the giving? Here is an excerpt so you can get an idea:

Leonardo DiCaprio is believed to have given $US1 million ($1.32 million) to disaster relief, as has Sandra Bullock. Michael Schumacher has given $US10 million.

For purposes of comparison, Herr Schumacher’s donation is the same as that of oil-rich Kuwait. As for even oil-richer Iran, its Government has earmarked $US627,000 for disaster relief.

For purposes of further comparison, that’s barely a twentieth of what was raised at the Sydney Opera House concert this weekend. Today’s all-star cricket match between a World XI and an Asian XI at the MCG will do more for the beleaguered Muslims of Banda Aceh than Libya, Syria and Egypt combined.


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