Someone Should be like Ike

January 25, 2005

One favorite target of historians is President Eisenhower. Though he has never been listed by anyone as a great President, Pat Buchanan has some hard evidence to suggest that by accomplishing what he did he made America a great nation. Read his comments in this article. Here is a sample of what he has to say:

He built up U.S. armed forces to where we were invincible. When the Hungarian Revolution erupted, Ike refused to send troops beyond the bridge at Andau. America stayed out, and the revolution was snuffed out by Soviet tanks. But there was no war between America and the Soviet Union.

When the British, French and Israelis launched an invasion to retake Suez from Nasser, who had nationalized it, Ike ordered the Brits and French out, threatened to sink the pound if Prime Minister Eden balked, told Israel’s David Ben-Gurion to get out of Sinai or face the wrath of the man who had commanded D-Day. All obeyed.


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