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Darfur Update

February 23, 2005

I have spoken a number of times about the genocide going on RIGHT NOW in the Darfur region of the Sudan. Many of these people, perhaps the majority, are Christians. Why is the world not doing something about this absolute tragedy? Mainly because they don’t care. Read this article from one of the NY Times‘ most respected journalist. (Warning: The pictures and descriptions are graphic, so understand that I am linking this because I believe that only the prayers and outrage of American Christians is going to stop this).

Here is also a site you can go to in order to learn more about the Darfur situation and to learn more about how you can help.


Top Ten Christian Classic Books

February 23, 2005

My favorite Christian Book list will have to be split into four part. In this first part, I am listing only those book published before 1930 (a totally arbitrary date….It represents the year my dad was born and therefore, anything before that is a classic to me). I have put these in the order that I believe I would read them again if they were all in front of me.

1. Hind’s Feet on High Places – Hannah Hurnard
2. Orthodoxy – G. K. Chesterton
3. Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan
4. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe
5. Diary of David Brainerd – compiled by Jonathan Edwards
6. In His Steps – Charles Sheldon
7. On The Imitation of Christ – Thomas A Kempis
8. Spiritual Progress – Francois Fenelon
9. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret – Hudson Taylor
10. Autobiography of Madame Guyon – Jeanne Guyon


Heavy Duty Rocker Saved

February 23, 2005

The lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Korn has just announced that he is leaving the band because he has “found God”. From the details of this news article on CNN, it sounds like he has become a Christian. Read more about it if you have followed the exploits of this angry, rebellion-oriented rock band.


No Phishing

February 21, 2005

Phishing is a type of Spam that seeks to collect your information (ie. credit card numbers, phone numbers and address, etc.)…the catch here is that you and I may give them the information voluntarily.

I have warned readers of the blog before about this, so if this seems like a rerun, just remember that redundancy is our friend, is our friend.

If you receive an email from a bank, a credit card company, an online service like Ebay or Paypal saying something like “There has been evidence of unauthorized use of your account” or “We need to verify your information in order to keep your account active” or “There has been recent activity in your account and we need to verify its authenticity”. Well, you see the pattern. The email has logos and letterhead that makes it look very official. They will redirect you to a web site where they will ask a series of questions. The web site looks almost identical to your bank or credit card company’s site.

These email are ALWAYS A SCAM! Banks and credit card companies do not use email to verify information. They know they can mail it to you. The email spammers are hoping you will respond within 24 hours, so they can collect your information and be gone before the authorities can catch up to them. Ebay and Paypal never verify your information until the next time you log onto their web site.

Don’t believe me? When you get one of those “verification” notices by email, don’t click on their link, but go to the web site manually. Check to see if you have any messages on that site from the company. If not, the email is a phony…as they all are.

If you know of people who are unaware of these practices, let them know not to follow the links in these emails. It will prevent people from stealing your personal information.


Tornado Blogging

February 21, 2005

This just in from one of our pastors. A tornado touched down a mere 200 yards from the church!! I am not making this up. I am speaking at a location in Montana and one of our pastoral staff phoned me while the tornado was going by the church. I don’t want to say that he sounded excited, but it sounded a lot like the voices you hear on television with 911 calls. Praise God it didn’t damage the church. But a UPS truck driver had the tornado chase him into the church where he hid out for awhile. This pastor saw the tornado hit the roof of the government building down the road and head straight for Gold’s Gym. A second tornado touched down just north of the church and was last seen heading for the Natomas Charter School. No word if it actually hit the school. Updates will follow.


My Top Ten Movies

February 17, 2005

I like top ten lists. Last summer, I posted my top ten list of movies. In the Fall, I listed my top ten Christian books. Now, let me list my top ten movies again. One new movie made it on (We Were Soldiers), and there is a tie for the Sci-Fi category…so this is really a “Top 11” list…but who’s counting?

1. The Princess Bride (Also our family’s favorite movie)
2. What About Bob
3. A River Runs Through It
4. Chariots of Fire
5. Groundhog Day
6. Lord of the Rings (3 movie set)
7. Gattaca/Minority Report
8. The Pianist
9. We Were Soldiers
10. Hoosiers

Honorable mentions: The Passion of the Christ, Waiting for Guffmann, Finding Forrester, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Winged Migration, Anne of Green Gables.


My next favorite book

February 17, 2005

Americans are now the most overworked nation on the planet. We log more hours at the job than anyone else. Not me, of course; I only work one day a week

But, this mother in Utah has decided she doesn’t want to drive her kids to soccer every day, make gourmet meals and finish in the top five in the marathon. Here is an excerpt from this interview in Newsweek:

You won’t catch Muffy Mead-Ferro at a toddler fitness class. When it comes to enriching after-school activities, she’s not ferrying her kids to traveling soccer or French lessons either. She lets them amuse themselves in a mud puddle in the backyard instead. This Salt Lake City mother of two says she isn’t feeling a shard of guilt about her choices. “We’ve raised the bar too high on parenting,” she says, “And squeezed out all the fun. Someone has to say, ‘Stop the Madness’.”

She calls her new book, “Confessions of a Slacker Wife”. I want to read it.

My wife’s favorite novelist, Anna Quindlen, has also written this article called “The Good-Enough Mother”. Here is an excerpt from that:

We live in a perfection society now, in which it is possible to make our bodies last longer, to manipulate our faces so the lines of laughter and distress are wiped out. We believe in the illusion of control, and nowhere has that become more powerful—and more pernicious—than in the phenomenon of manic motherhood. What the child-care guru D. W. Winnicott once called “the ordinary devoted mother” is no longer good enough. Instead there is an über-mom who bounces from soccer field to school fair to play date until she falls into bed at the end of the day, exhausted, her life somewhere between the Stations of the Cross and a decathlon.


Chris Rock may be Right

February 16, 2005

Chris Rock, a satirist known for vulgar humor and an ability to get just about everybody angry at him, may have accidentally hit on truth. (after all, a clock that stops is coincidentally right twice a day…I think that is more often than Rock however).

Chris Rock said the other day that Abortion is beautiful. But in his statements (which you can read here) he also reveals what abortion is really all about: The exploitation of women by sexhound men.

The article quoted above is from the National Review


A Picture for the Ages

February 10, 2005

Doesn’t this picture say it all?



If Only Sacramentans had basements

February 9, 2005

I’m not sure where you would set up the microphone (since none of us here in NoCal have basements), but if you could find a quiet spot, and if you have some obscure expertise, someone would listen to you. Do you like movies, sports, swallowing goldfish, cooking with bananas….someone on the Internet would listen to you.

Read this article about the newest craze for the online listening crowd: Podcasting!

(you may have to answer three small questions to get on this site…but it doesn’t ask for your email, so don’t sweat it).

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