My next favorite book

February 17, 2005

Americans are now the most overworked nation on the planet. We log more hours at the job than anyone else. Not me, of course; I only work one day a week

But, this mother in Utah has decided she doesn’t want to drive her kids to soccer every day, make gourmet meals and finish in the top five in the marathon. Here is an excerpt from this interview in Newsweek:

You won’t catch Muffy Mead-Ferro at a toddler fitness class. When it comes to enriching after-school activities, she’s not ferrying her kids to traveling soccer or French lessons either. She lets them amuse themselves in a mud puddle in the backyard instead. This Salt Lake City mother of two says she isn’t feeling a shard of guilt about her choices. “We’ve raised the bar too high on parenting,” she says, “And squeezed out all the fun. Someone has to say, ‘Stop the Madness’.”

She calls her new book, “Confessions of a Slacker Wife”. I want to read it.

My wife’s favorite novelist, Anna Quindlen, has also written this article called “The Good-Enough Mother”. Here is an excerpt from that:

We live in a perfection society now, in which it is possible to make our bodies last longer, to manipulate our faces so the lines of laughter and distress are wiped out. We believe in the illusion of control, and nowhere has that become more powerful—and more pernicious—than in the phenomenon of manic motherhood. What the child-care guru D. W. Winnicott once called “the ordinary devoted mother” is no longer good enough. Instead there is an über-mom who bounces from soccer field to school fair to play date until she falls into bed at the end of the day, exhausted, her life somewhere between the Stations of the Cross and a decathlon.


One comment

  1. I really liked the Anna Quindlen article. She is very funny and makes her point that mothers should relax and not try to make their kids into geniuses and sports stars at age 5.

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