My Top Ten Movies

February 17, 2005

I like top ten lists. Last summer, I posted my top ten list of movies. In the Fall, I listed my top ten Christian books. Now, let me list my top ten movies again. One new movie made it on (We Were Soldiers), and there is a tie for the Sci-Fi category…so this is really a “Top 11” list…but who’s counting?

1. The Princess Bride (Also our family’s favorite movie)
2. What About Bob
3. A River Runs Through It
4. Chariots of Fire
5. Groundhog Day
6. Lord of the Rings (3 movie set)
7. Gattaca/Minority Report
8. The Pianist
9. We Were Soldiers
10. Hoosiers

Honorable mentions: The Passion of the Christ, Waiting for Guffmann, Finding Forrester, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Winged Migration, Anne of Green Gables.



  1. Isn’t “We Were Soldiers” a very violent movie. I felt sick when I watched it. I’m surprised you liked it

  2. I like it because, according to my Army son, it is the most realistic of all the Army movies. It also tells a story that needed telling. I love the scenes about the medics and what it costs to do their job (no surprise here…my son is an Army medic).

  3. Please post your book list again.

  4. I am going to post the book list in four parts beginning this evening. First, the top ten classic Christian books; top ten Christian novels; top ten Christian issues; and top ten Christian Teaching.

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  6. You like really old movies man!

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