No Phishing

February 21, 2005

Phishing is a type of Spam that seeks to collect your information (ie. credit card numbers, phone numbers and address, etc.)…the catch here is that you and I may give them the information voluntarily.

I have warned readers of the blog before about this, so if this seems like a rerun, just remember that redundancy is our friend, is our friend.

If you receive an email from a bank, a credit card company, an online service like Ebay or Paypal saying something like “There has been evidence of unauthorized use of your account” or “We need to verify your information in order to keep your account active” or “There has been recent activity in your account and we need to verify its authenticity”. Well, you see the pattern. The email has logos and letterhead that makes it look very official. They will redirect you to a web site where they will ask a series of questions. The web site looks almost identical to your bank or credit card company’s site.

These email are ALWAYS A SCAM! Banks and credit card companies do not use email to verify information. They know they can mail it to you. The email spammers are hoping you will respond within 24 hours, so they can collect your information and be gone before the authorities can catch up to them. Ebay and Paypal never verify your information until the next time you log onto their web site.

Don’t believe me? When you get one of those “verification” notices by email, don’t click on their link, but go to the web site manually. Check to see if you have any messages on that site from the company. If not, the email is a phony…as they all are.

If you know of people who are unaware of these practices, let them know not to follow the links in these emails. It will prevent people from stealing your personal information.


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