Geo-caching with People

March 1, 2005

A lot of scuttlebutt these days about a game called “geo-caching”. Geo means “earth” (as in geography), and caching refers to storing or hiding things. People go out and hide storage containers with messages, pins, jokes and log books, and others with GPS (Global Positioning System) devices go looking for these caches. Read the definition here, and read what you can do about geo-caching here.

But I had an idea. Instead of looking for a relatively meaningless (though fun) cache, why couldn’t we go looking for people who need Jesus? Why couldn’t we get together in small groups and ask God where we should go to meet someone who needs Jesus? I believe if we did this enough, we would learn very effectively how to identify people and talk with them about where they stand with God. Try it out with some friends and let us know how you do.


One comment

  1. Some of my friends go geocaching at night and they say it rocks. I don’t have a GPS yet to try it. Does anyone know a good “starter” type of GPS?

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