Inventing New Spiritual Colors

March 22, 2005

A group in San Francisco Called ReImagine has proposed we think of the Christian walk in terms of colors. Yellow space in our life is defined as spirituality that is concerned with the personal, interior world of faith. This is expressed in personal quiet times, church attendance, devotions, worship etc. Blue Space refers to exclusively other-centered focus for our life: taking seriously activities such as social concern, justice-seeking, activism and moral/ethical behavior. Green Spaces, therefore, are when those two cross over and combine. Green people are those who take their private inner world and use it to focus outward.

What will that look like? My friend Bill quit a lucrative IT job with a $100,000 per year salary to start up an Internet Cafe. In this cafe, he also invites artists of various genres to come and perform. They were incredibly successful for four years and a number of people came to see God in a whole new light. Then Bill moved into the next Green Space in his life.

Are there other colors that can be Imagined? If we said that Red Space are those areas of wounding/bleeding and pain in our life, and Blue being where we interact with others, then the healing process will be Purple Space.

I think it is time to get out the Crayolas. Some of us think better in colors than in strategies.


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