Hernia Blogging

March 26, 2005

Thursday afternoon, I went into the Morse Avenue hospital to have my third hernia surgery. The first surgery was when I was a year old…and the technology at that time was not advanced enough to prevent further problems. For those who want to know exactly the problem I have and how they corrected it you can go to this web site.

The second surgery was last summer and they sewed up a small tear in the abdominal muscles. This also didn’t solve the problem, so my physician decided that I needed a mesh installed. They made 8 small incisions in my abdomen and through one of them put in a nylon mesh and then used the other holes to sew it into place. My gut looks like a roadmap at the moment. Kathy did take a picture, but won’t let me post it here.

My favorite moment was talking with the anaesthesiologist. He was speaking to me about any allergies I had and I said “Quinine”. “How do you know you’re allergic to Quinine” he wondered out loud. “I had malaria when I was in Africa in 1978”. We talked about why I was in Africa (doing missionary work) and this lead him to ask me what I thought about the Teri Schiavo case in Florida. The country is once again looking to the Church to at least come forward with opinions on moral and ethical issues.

It just underscores the fact that without God, there is nothing we can use for a moral consensus. But, we had a great discussion, and his main point is that the medical situation could have been solved if she had a living will. Do you have a living will? You can get one very cheaply, and I would advise that you get one soon.

That’s all for now. I am recovering and not in as much pain as I feared. Praise God.


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