Bob Radio

April 13, 2005

This is not an advertisement, since no one could afford what I would charge to get their name on this eclectic mix of spirituality and nonsense. But I was taken sideways with a billboard the other day for a new radio station. Hopefully by the end of this week, I can post a picture of it. It says (in essence) “Bob Radio: We Play Everything”. That’s right, the radio station is named after this guy Bob. If you listen to it, you find out that Bob is a strange mixture of River-rafting dropout and science fiction guru who listens to Bruce Springsteen, Tanya Tucker and Avril Lavigne. And he just plays this blend of musical twists on the air.

Bob Radio…what does this signify? The Internet has done something to Mainstream Media if nothing else. It has shown the ivory towers that there are people in the world with levels of taste that may actually exceed those who pull the strings. For instance, I have my own radio station. I think my wife and I are the only ones who listen to it, but it is definitely there. I subscribe monthly to a service called Rhapsody, which boasts several hundred thousand albums available. You can pay a monthly fee ($9.95) and listen all you want to any of these albums. Any kind of music you want to listen to is there from Norweigan Jazz to Malian Reggae to Christian Contemporary. But, you can also design your own radio station. You can list up to ten of your favorite artists and then the music service will select random hits from those ten people and play them as long as you want to listen. In a day, you will never repeat a song. I listed Stephen Curtis Chapman, Keith Green, POD, Switchfoot and Mozart on my radio station.

Music is a personal thing and the boom in Ipod sales just confirms that. Everyone who plunks down their 150 CDs onto this electronic wonder can listen to whatever, whenever, wherever and it fits only their taste level. No more having a DJ or a Record Producer telling you what to listen to or what you like.

Mike Radio is on the way. And I don’t care if I’m the only one listening. Take that Bob.


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