Christian Movie Director

July 4, 2005

Ralph Winter is poised to be seen in the mainstream of directors with his “Fantastic 4” movie coming out. F4 was one of my favorite comics (along with Spiderman and Justice League) so I am going to catch it sometime this week. Not just because it is a comic favorite but because Ralph Winter is a strong Christian.

Catch this interview with Winter where he gives his philosophy of Christian movies. He even reveals in the article that he is making a fictional movie using “The Purpose-Driven Life” as the basis. Should be fascinating.

Winter catches the essence of our discussion on Christian artists in this interview when he says:

[Christians] want to dot every “i” and cross every “t” and make sure it’s uber-clear what’s happened by the end of the story. We’ve lost the ability to create mystery and wonder.

Movies are not good at giving answers. Movies are great at asking questions. Movies that do that are lasting.

I love the movie Gladiator. It’s inspiring. It’s a wonderful journey of someone who is sort of an also-ran in the process, but who aspires to greatness and asks the huge questions. It seems to be about “Win the crowd and win your freedom.” But I think that movie is truly about love, and not just about choosing. Even when Commodus smothers his dad, what is it that he says? “If you would have loved me, I would have butchered the whole world.” He wants love as well—in a different sense than Maximus, but it is about love at some level.

Read the entire article here.


  1. Thank you for posting this piece. I really enjoy discovering Christian talent out in the world doing what our Master does best, creating. Many times as Christians we think of what it means to be created in God’s image, and immediately the intellect comes to mind; usually, though not always, implying the “thoughtful” or analytical side of God. How often do we remember that God is the playful artist or the Master of the imainary. I stand in awe when I reflect introspectively and think that I have an imagination; the same goes for humor. This is more evidence in my mind that we have come from a Creator, not through purely natural, blind processes. What survival value does the imagination or humor have? I am not talking about sheer wit, problem solving skills, or even a reflection of what might have been or what may be. Rather it is that child-like curiosity, though not childish, ability to conjure up a world unlike anything that we know, and that longs for the world to which we are going. A world described as one so splended we can’t even begin to imagine it.

  2. I saw the movie last night. There were moments I laughed out loud…something I haven’t done in a movie for quite some time. The acting by the three male “Fantastics” was above-average and not even Jessica Alba’s lack of realistic facial expressions and unending “hands-on-the-hips-in-exasperation” approach to showing annoyance could ruin the movie. My only real criticism is that they portrayed the evil dictator Victor Von Doom as a businessman instead of a crazed European despot. I guess that is the Blue State attack on something. It didn’t work for me. Nice touch making Ben’s girlfiend blind and African/American…she is blind to his “solid” looks and he is blind to race. Nice.

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