This Cannot be Right…or good

July 6, 2005

This just in from one of the news services:

A Nashville, Tenn., music group’s poll suggests teenage Christian music fans are as likely to steal songs as other music fans, the Washington Post reported.

An online survey of about 1,500 teens commissioned by the Gospel Music Association showed 77 percent of born-again Christian teenagers had illegally obtained or shared music, compared with 81 percent of all other teens. Statistics showed teenagers who bought gospel, worship or contemporary Christian music fell into roughly the same range.

Teens engage in such music piracy by copying CDs, illegally downloading music or uploading music to the Internet to share with others.

Christian music industry members suspected music piracy after flat sales this year and a 5 percent drop in sales last year.

The industry has embarked on a campaign, “Millions of Wrongs Don’t Make It Right,” and created a brochure for posting on musicians’ Web sites. The brochure features statements about music piracy from Christian singers and highlights legal and moral reasons to discourage teens from music piracy.

Where do you stand on this? Is piracy something that we can just condone because (as one Christian recently told me) “it is thievery the way that music publishers make so much money for giving so little.” Stealing is stealing…when does it become acceptable? When all the world does it without that little shudder of conscience that runs up the cheekbones?


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