That’s Enough Anne

July 21, 2005

Anne Lamott, an example of a Christian Liberal and an excellent writer has gone too far. She hints that the U.S. Government may have had something to do with the attacks in Europe with the goal of eventually taking over our country. In her words,

I am able to believe, about half the time, that Bush and Rove would be capable of orchestrating a second terrorist attack on America, if and when they deem it necessary to instill martial law, which they will.

Grow up Anne. I’m not a Bush supporter or detractor, but even I think you’ve lost most of the lug-nuts on one of your wheels. Here is what one reporter thinks of her pronouncement.



  1. I haven’t read Anne’s new book and don’t plan to for the reasons you have stated here. I just found your blog and will be back to read more when I have time….

  2. My wife really likes Anne’s writings, but she had the same reaction when she read this. I think Anne Lamott is a gifted writer, but it seems she is so hypercritical of Pres. Bush that she can’t see the illogic of her extreme views.

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