Darfur Probably Needs a Celebrity

July 27, 2005

Nicolas Kristof makes this chilling observation: “The genocide in Darfur would get much better press if Michael Jackson’s trial had been held there”. He takes his fellow journalists to task for not even giving as much column-space to this genocide as they did to the mass murder of Armenians prior to World War 1. Kristof is not only to be admired, he is to be lifted up as one of the only writers in this country who will not let us forget that people are still dying daily in this horror. Read his article and go to the “Save Darfur” link on this page.

He does however, give credit where credit is due…but notice who he credits with doing the best job of reporting:

“Serious newspapers have done the best job of covering Darfur, and I take my hat off to Emily Wax of The Washington Post and to several colleagues at The Times for their reporting. Time magazine gets credit for putting Darfur on its cover – but the newsweeklies should be embarrassed that better magazine coverage of Darfur has often been in Christianity Today“. (emphasis mine).


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