Grandpa Blogging

August 9, 2005

The difference between a blog and a news article is that most people assume the blogger will write about personal items occasionally that add flavor to life’s larger issues.

Here there be pictures of the grandkids…argghh.

( BTW…I am writing this with my Ipaq 2215 and a Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard, flying from Fayetteville, NC to Atlanta, GA coming home from visiting with my son, daughter and two grandchildren: Maci and Caleb. Go here to see my pics of these two extraordinary kids. For those of you reading this who really don’t need all the features and power of a laptop as you travel, let me recommend this combination. The 2215 has two separate memory add-in slots…one for CF flash memory and one for SD…the Stowaway Keyboard has full-sized keys and feels so much like a regular keyboard, except for when you type numbers. I have a 512 MB memory card in here and I could write 4 books and not come close to using up 100th of the memory).

Caleb was born six weeks ago at the Army hospital here at Fort Bragg. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. As you can tell by the pictures, he isn’t fat at all, just very long and growing fast. He has passed the 11 pound mark already and will soon be signed by the Oakland Raiders as a linebacker. I also included a picture of his daddy, who is a medic with the 82nd Airborne Division. Andrew and Jennifer are dear to us and we relish every moment we can spend with them. The last night I was there, Andrew pulled medic duty as he was the Ambulance assist on a night jump of over 1000 paratroopers. He phoned his house this morning to say that there was only one serious injury: a broken femur. He was disappointed that the broken bone had not poked through the skin. He wanted practice dealing with a compound fracture. This is also the young man that took great delight patching up an insurgent in Iraq who had been shot through his perineum (look it up, if you dare). The Army gets its money’s worth with this boy.

When it comes to injuries and pain, he definitely takes after his mother.



  1. Caleb is precious, and I can’t get over how big Maci is already! It seems like just yesterday that you shared your first photos of her.

    Funny how some people can just handle gore. I have a pretty strong tolerance for medical programming, but still the idea of that Iraqi boy’s injury makes me cringe ALL OVER. At least Andrew found his calling.

  2. Thanks Alli. I agree completely about the little guy. He is so sweet too. Very quiet baby. Doesn’t cry very much and when he does, he sounds sad, not angry. A big change from his sister, who has a lot more spunk.

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