Missionaries Running in Venezuela

November 1, 2005

To the rest of the world who don’t know history, this story seems unique. This last weekend, Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela began ordering missionaries out of his country, claiming they are agents of the CIA. This kind of thing happens all the time around the world (i.e. giving bogus excuses for removing missionaries). But what makes this distinctive is how totally misguided it is and how the blame can be laid completely on the shoulders of one man: Pat Robertson.

Read about what happened in this Fox News article.

Two things bother me about this article and the repercussions about the removal. First, I am annoyed at Fox News. Generally, they take the “American” side of a news story and give the benefit of the doubt to religious and politically conservative groups (Fair and Balanced they aren’t…but who is). However, they totally mess up this story. I don’t know if the staff writer even read what he wrote afterwards. In the first part of the article, he interviews several people who say that the New Tribes missionaries are guilty of living way above the level of the people they work with, that they use the best materials and give nothing back. Then, later they interview the people that the missionaries work with and the tribal people are in horror that they’re leaving. My response is to ask how Fox News could report this so asininely. New Tribes always lives primitively. They never “lord” it over their charges. They are the ones who put this tribal language into print. They feed the hungry with their own money. Even the government admits this. Fox News ought to fire, or at least chastise, this reporter.

But I am really angry at Pat Robertson. His comments about Hugo Chavez (i.e. that we should send a hit squad in to kill him) only inflamed the situation for any Christians living in the country. The fact that he claims to have been misquoted and yet copies of his own program reveal he wasn’t show Robertson to be a liar, opportunist and charlatan. He should keep his yawning trap shut from now on, and go back to studying the Bible instead of the political pages. It bugs me too that when there is a “religious” issue or a political issue with Christian overtones, that they always go to him and Dobson for comments.

As if the rest of us want to be associated with their dunderhead opinions masquerading as well-thought-out theology.


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