20 Greatest Geek Novels Since 1934

November 26, 2005

For those of us who ascribe to Geekness, or just have geekness thrust upon them, this site has a list of the final tally for the most Geekly novels of all time. I don’t really agree with all of them, but knowing my penchant for disagreeing with just about any list ever devised (except the ten commandments…I agree with those) it is amazing that I agree with over half of them, and have read 10 of the 20.

But, I would add the following if I were to make a great Geek list of books:

1. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
2. Uplift series – David Brin
3. Ringworld – Larry Niven
4. Lord of the Rings – Tolkien
5. Snow Queen – Joan D. Vinge

A Geek novel is one that combines a great amount of scientific and technology in with a great plot and characterizations. It doesn’t hurt if you can invent things that have never been thought of before. That is why I nominated Vinge and Niven.

Would you add any other novels to the list?



  1. I would nominate Greg Bear’s “Eon”. It is full of gadgetry and science. It stays away from so much fantasy that pretends to be Sci-Fi

  2. I also agree about Ender’s Game. It is on almost every list of Sci-Fi classics, how can it be left off a Geek list?

  3. I have read 3 on the site list and 2 off of yours. How could anyone leave out the Red Mars series?

  4. Is that the series by Kim Robinson (Red Mars, Blue Mars, etc.)? I have never read them, but I hear they’re quite different than most Sci-Fi. What did you think of them twoboysmom?

  5. i, being an underground ‘black-hat’ type of geek, recommend kevin mitnicks “are of deception.” its not really a novel, but its good reading nonetheless..

  6. I was indeed referring to the series by Kim Robinson. I loved the first two. I enjoyed the 3rd but was glad it wrapped up the series. I read all 3 back to back and after awhile your brain just hurts! The characters are great and the science is very fun. “Watching” the terraforming of a planet, the development of the society that colonizes there and the political relations that then develop between Earth and Mars was very cool. By Green Mars, Mars has its own economy, government, religions, and culture. They also send one character, who was born on Mars, back to earth and it was fascinating to read about the structural differences in a body developed under a lower gravitational pull and how he was affected by earth. Good geeky fun.

  7. Hobermonster, do you mean the Kevin Mitnick the Hacker? The guy in jail right now for breaking into L.A.’s top police computer? I didn’t know he had written anything.

  8. Saddly I must admit that I have read all of the Geek books mentioned above. To be a true honest geek though, one must also have a fondness for discovering their tribal/cletic/viking roots and roll play in period. Yes sad but true I must admit I am also guilty of this. I am learning gaelic and belong to the SCA. The other thing that seems to run right along side of geekiness is goth and/or BoHo. One can be a geek without being goth and/or BoHo but one can not be goth and/or BoHO without being a geek. I have been told I was a perky goth BoHo geek

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