Brian McLaren on Homosexuality

January 24, 2006

Brian McLaren, one of the many prominent thinkers in the “Emerging Church” movement, has never shied away from difficult church issues. He likes to challenge the thinking of the day, especially the Conservative “radio-orthodoxy” propounded by preachers and teachers on the radio.

In a recent article in Leadership Magazine, a journal for Pastors, he comments on a situation where a young couple asked him some intriguing questions. Here is a sampling from the article:

The couple approached me immediately after the service. This was their first time visiting, and they really enjoyed the service, they said, but they had one question. You can guess what the question was about: not transubstantiation, not speaking in tongues, not inerrancy or eschatology, but where our church stood on homosexuality.

You can read the entire article here:

UPDATE: It seems that hundreds of people had some powerful things to say about McLaren’s opinions about how we should act toward the homosexual community. Some big surprise? Well, he has his detractors (most of whom didn’t really understand what he was saying) and his supporters (many of whom didn’t really understand what he was saying) so he has issued this rejoinder to the discussion that he started. You can read it here



  1. Boy, you love controversy don’t ya! Interesting article. Really interesting comments following it. While I thought the author was a bit wishy-washy in his presentation I think the underlying concept that I came away with is to maintain a Christ like attidtude – love the sinner in their sin, hate the sin. The article also made a good point, and perhaps the authors main intent, is to always seek the truth of the situation and not take it at face value. Good lesson. Thought provoking.

  2. TBM…I don’t necessarily love controversy, but this is an issue, that even though we feel is cut and dry, there are always more sides to it than we suppose. Brian McLaren says some things in the article that I wouldn’t wash with, but his main point is well taken: Our approach is always love first, and orthodoxy second. Fortunately, we can do both in most circumstances.

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