A Wave of the Hand to DTS friends

March 6, 2006

This last week I spent many enjoyable hours with missionaries in training at Montana’s YWAM training base. This group of 40 students and the capable and loving staff made me felt very honored and comfortable. We learned about hearing God’s voice and how this applied to intimacy and changing the world through prayer.

One of the students prayed before I left that I wouldn’t have anyone beside me on the airplane that wanted to talk and use up my emotional energy. I was in total agreement with that sentiment. However, they also added that if God had someone particular in mind for me to minister to, then the first prayer could be cancelled.

It was cancelled.

On the plane I was sitting beside a lady about 60 years old who looked like she wanted to talk. Not being rude, at the right time I put on my headphones and started to listen to Neil Diamond (now, I just polarized all those reading this. In the words of Bob in “What about Bob?” the world is divided into those who love Neil Diamond and those who hate him…I am in the former category: Have grace on me). I also took out my Ipaq and Bluetooth keyboard and began typing up some notes for Communion service on Sunday. I also did some more work on my book. At one point, my keyboard ran out of juice. So from that point on, I just listened to the music. Then, even though I had just charged it up, the PDA ran out of power. That left me sitting beside the lady.

She immediately asked me if I like typing on such a small keyboard. Actually, my Think Outside keyboard has regular sized keys and folds out to an incredibly compact size (using alt function keys to a greater degree for numbers). Being a certified geek, I explained this to her. Then she asked me if I was a writer. I told her it was one of the things I do for a living. That is when she told me she would love to be a writer. I inwardly cringed, waiting for the inevitable question concerning how she could break into the writing field. She didn’t. She just told me that she would love to be able to write down some of her feelings about what is happening with her.

So i bit the bait. I asked what was happening in her life. She told me that her husband of 35 years had just died and this was her first trip to see grandkids since his death. I knew instantly that God had placed me there to help her in grief. I asked her to describe her husband to me. I shared in 35 minutes of the most incredible description of a man whose wife was totally in love with him to the last day. What a gift she gave me. As I listened to this, I yearned to be home with my own wife and tell her how much she meant to me.

At the very end of the flight, which went too quickly, she turned to me and said: “You are an answer to prayer”. “How is that?” I asked. “I asked God to send another believer in Jesus to sit beside me.” “How did you know” I asked. “I can feel God’s presence in you as you listened.”

God loves to bring his Community together at those times when our burdens are too great. I lifted her burden to the cross and she lifted the tiredness I felt. I literally sprang into the airport with a new burst of enthusiasm.

To the DTS: Thanks for holding me and my family up in prayer. It means so much to me. Thank you also to Becky for telling me about Nickel Creek. They are now on my list of favorite new bands. I mean it. To those with whom I did Theophostic: Feel free to contact me and give me an idea of what Holy Spirit is saying as you get ready for outreach. I appreciate it.



  1. You made me cry. Stop it, already.

  2. Ah, my goal has been achieved.I sit awake at night wondering how I might make Allison cry.

    If you cried just reading it, think of what I felt hearing it first hand. It was a delight!

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