Are Projected Lies Happening?

June 15, 2006

Several times this week during Theophostic sessions I have addressed an unusual issue with clients and I wanted to bring it here for the perusal of the general public. The particular issue concerns “projected lies”. A projected lie begins as lie-based thinking within an individual (eg. “I will be rejected by everyone at some point”). As other people interact with that person, the “projected lie” becomes a force influencing them to reject this person.

First question: Is this a valid experience?
Second question: Is this a biblically verifiable experience?
Third question: How does this work?
Fourth question: What can we do about it?

First question: Is this a valid experience? In my reading and my gleanings from many sources at conferences, seminars and classes, I have to say that it is. Psychologists world-wide have identified that certain people tend to bring out certain patterns in other people. Someone might say that the lies they believe affect their behavior and therefore the lies become self-fulfilling prophecies. I admit that this is true. But sometimes the lie-based thinking begins to influence others upon the first meeting.

At one seminar I did several years ago, I asked the group to identify if they ever had initial impressions of people that were inexplicable but turned out to be accurate. Almost 80% of the participants had experienced these. As we spoke about it, we concluded that the people about whom we had these impressions were probably projecting their lies, influencing us from the first moment we meet them.

I have seen this in my counseling practice. I will meet for less than 30 seconds with someone and will have an emotional reaction to them before we have even gone beyond pleasantries. Many, many times my first impression matches lie-based thinking that comes out later. For example, the person who believes “I have no value to anyone” will often project that in first meetings. Someone did this recently and my first impression of them was “This will be a waste of my time. I wonder who I can have them counsel with other than me.” I fought that impression and went on with the Theophostic session. After the lie was exposed and eliminated, I no longer felt that they were wasting my time.

For those who take a naturalistic view on life – who do not see anything besides physical stimuli – there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for projecting what is going on underneath the surface. But there is little doubt this is a common phenomenon. This brings us to the other three questions.

Second Question: “Is this a biblically verifiable experience?” Obviously there is no Scripture that says, “Your inner lies will be projected to others”. So we must look to situations in the Bible where we might interpolate that taking place. The difficulties doing this are two-fold. First, the
Bible is not a psychology textbook. Second, we are rarely given glimpses into the inner workings of people’s minds in the Bible. I do have a number of situations where people’s reactions certainly portray that they are picking up on lies that others project (Peter and the people in the courtyard would be one example), but these can never be verifiable in a scientific way. So we are talking about an experience or issue that the Bible does not verify or deny.

Third Question: How does this work? The soul of man is influential and does project itself. Our emotional level can be sensed by others, even if they don’t know outwardly that we’re angry. Often, when I train people to minister in prayer at the altar in church, I warn them about trying to “read” the people who are there. It is too easy to pick up soulish desires and cues when praying instead of listening to the Lord for what we should pray. In the same way, human beings can project their ideas, emotions, memories and imagination to others. This is not to say that this so-called “psi” ability is very well developed among us, but there are enough situations to suggest it is possible and even likely happening.

Fourth Question: What can we do about it? Fortunately, this is the easiest question to answer. Get rid of the lies. For those who are meeting people with projected lies, simply make up your mind not to treat someone based upon first impressions. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of first impressions. First impressions will often tell us a lot about how the person feels about themselves. But we should refrain from acting upon it.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?



  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how good the timing is for this one — I was just talking about LBT with my friend you know of (S), and he’s at a point where this very lie (rejection) is causing him some grief. He’s met “the” girl (and finally realizes that it was silly to try to turn me into her now, btw, yay), and has started the cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy that she will ultimately reject him.

    I’m not sure how much your words will help him, but they’ll help me in talking to him, and perhaps help me encourage him to seek counseling.

  2. Thank you for your articles.I am new to TPM training, so I don’t have much to say now, but I am processing your thoughts and appreciate the research.

  3. Alli: What is even more amazing (and consistent with most people) is that in his LBT he is comfortable with analyzing who the “perfect” girl might be. My experience is that the people we think are perfect are usually the ones who pick up on our LBT the quickest and act on it accordingly. But I do pray that he will get the counsel that can help him.

  4. I’ve struggled with this one since you first posted it. My first reaction was, I’ve never noticed. Now that I am in a situation where I am in close proximity, on a frequent basis, to someone who projects the lies she believes I am finding that I completely buy into her lies and because of my relationship with her, they are triggering my own by the truck load. My intense reaction is to run away and I am finding myself very angry with her. I’ve suggested she try a TPM session but she is skeptical. As for me, I’ll need to either come in soon or get a REALLY good prescription (LOL).

  5. TBM…none of us notice projected lies,just as none of us really notice our own lies. How many people in life go around analyzing why they are thinking certain things about other people? Usually we just experience life without analyzing it. But the unexamined life is not worth living, as Thoreau observed. Now that you see your reaction, you can see how their projected lies are triggering you.

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