Why Harry and Not Jack?

July 11, 2006

The fearless editors of the “Out of Ur” blog have posted this question: Why have Christians attacked Harry Potter movies and have said narry a word about Pirates of the Caribbean. Here is a portion of their assessment:

So, I wonder if fictional pirates and wizards really can be good. The issue is whether the phenomenon of heroes emerging among pirates and wizards is truly corrupting and dangerous to our youth, or if it’s simply good storytelling. I suppose each parent needs to make up their mind on that issue.

Nevertheless, in my mind, if we are going to pick on Potter, we must pick on Pirates. Otherwise, perhaps Christians should keep their mouth shut about both.

Here is the complete blog entry…read the comments as well!

My daughter won’t watch either, since she doesn’t like SciFi and fantasy. My boys and I love both for the opposite reason. Each person has their genre of literature that speaks to them. For my wife, it is historical fiction. One of my sons loves mystery novels, the other really gets a kick out of classic lit. I like SciFi and Fantasy, but I also love poetry. In every one of those genres, I can show you a dozen novels that have unbiblical and downright heretical concepts. And many of these are in Christian books as well. At the same time, we all find value in reading a wide range of books within our favorite climes, if for no other reason than to test our chosen “answers” against the answers of some of life’s best thinkers – even when we don’t agree.

Once again, “reader” (or in the case of movies, “viewer”) be wary. But it is never a rationale for not watching or reading.



  1. Excellent, love it! »

  2. If you want to encourage a new Christian Fantasy writer visit this site:
    There’s an ebook written by a woman who turned her painful childhood (being separated by her father) into a fantasy / fiction novel. Beware…it’s a ROUGH draft!

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