A Dream

September 12, 2006

By now, some of you reading this blog may have heard about the dream I had last weekend. I am afraid that the message I gave in which I included details of the dream was not recorded properly, so there is no way to go to our podcast to check that out. However, for those who don’t live in the Sacramento region or for those who weren’t able to get to where I was speaking, I am writing down the full version of the dream here.

Just a disclaimer. I do believe God speaks in dreams. The Bible is clear about this and so is 2000 years of Church History. I also believe many (perhaps ‘most’ dreams are not from God). They are a combination of loose ideas trying to find a mental “home”, items of emotional concern we have not allowed time for our heart to process, indications from our spirit-man about realities we have not paid enough attention to, and possible the pizza eaten the evening before. I dream fairly often, and rarely do any of the dreams mean all that much.

But when they do mean something…approximately once or twice a year…they are powerful. They are powerful for what they come to mean to others.

If you want a good teaching on interpretation of dreams, I recommend John Paul Jackson’s CD teaching series “Basics of dreams, visions and other strange events” sold here by Amazon.

So, on to the dream.

In this dream, I embark on a long journey. I bring a handbag with me full of very valuable things. Before entering the train, I noticed that it was about 9 cars long. This is important. During the opening part of the trip, we travelled very quickly with no problems. At one point, several people created a disturbance and ran out the back of the car. I noticed immediately they had taken my handbag. I then went on a journey to find them. As I left the first car and entered the second, I noticed it was full of people like myself. But on the way, I encountered railway cars unlike any I had ever seen. They were full of people…thousands of people…and the cars were hundreds of feet wide and just as long. As I looked out the windows, I noticed that these cars were not moving. They were staying in the same places. Each one was a variation of a theme. These are themes I remember: Entertainment, gambling, endless political debates, flirtation and sexual themes, eating (actually every car had lots of eating). You could even get off the car for awhile and know that you could get back on at any point. Many people were entering and exiting, but no one was going forward or backwards through the train except a few who passed through very quickly and moved on looking somewhat embarrassed.

I went through scores of these cars and finally got to the back where I found my bag. I looked out the side of this even faster moving train and saw that it was still nine cars. I realized later that there still were only 9 cars moving forward and all the rest were more like rest stop cars if you didn’t want to keep moving forward.

I asked the conductor who had been with me the whole time to explain what I had just seen. This is what he said first (remember, I was dreaming when I heard and saw all of this). He told me that this picture had been shown to me by God. It was a picture of the kind of walk that God has designed for everyone who believes in Him. There are various cars moving forward because God uses different methodologies to move us forward. Forward is the direction where we become more like Jesus, which is the goal of an earthly relationship with Him.

When I asked about the cars which weren’t moving, this is what he said. “These are for the people who don’t like moving forward. Moving forward usually involves seasons of pressure, difficulty and loss. They get tired of hurting, so they go back in the train looking for somewhere that hurts less or that has less pressure. They find the “ghola” cars that seem to be part of the train, but are actually in a different dimension. (Author’s Note: He called them “Ghola Cars”. I have read all of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series, so I recognized the word. Remember, this was the dream God was speaking to me, so He would use concepts and pictures I was familiar with. A “ghola” is a clone of a real person, but no memories of how the person came to be in this place in history. This is important to know.).

A ghola car is one that appears to be just like any other train car, but it is a place to forget. What you forget in pleasure, entertainment, food, conversations of meaninglessness are the lessons you are learning during the pressures and difficulties you face as you’re moving forward. This is the purpose of those cars. God does not use those cars. They rarely move people forward. Because we have free choice, we can stay in those cars as long as we want. But we will not move forward when in them.

As I moved back toward the front, I noticed that though there was less mirth and frolicking in the cars moving forward, each of these people had real joy. In the ghola cars that stayed still, the sun shone, but it was muted. The colors were there, but they were almost sepia. In the cars moving forward, it was not as exciting, not as pleasurable. The seats were plain, and some people were sitting on old crates. But the colors were dramatic, and there was a real sense of joy and purpose.

I asked the conductor “Why don’t the people want to move out of the cars that aren’t going anywhere?” He answered, “They are afraid of moving forward. They don’t like the speed those cars are moving at and they want to stay in one place for awhile.” At that point (or close to it) I woke up.

Most of this dream will be obvious to anyone with an ear to hear. More about the dream tomorrow. But ponder it and ask the Lord how it might apply to your life.



  1. This is a wonderful gift God has given you. What a miracle you remmebered it all too!
    It is so true that people use politics, hobbies, their jobs, etc as a form of “religion” with which to form an idetity for themsleves as well as to others. But those people can be really exhausting to be around, unlike those with the true Joy of Christ in their eyes and hearts…those people are usually refreshing and uplifting to visit with!

  2. Fascinating, and so very true about how people tend to live their lives.

    I don’t tend to see this as a purely religious analogy/dream (imagine that), but applicable to living one’s life fully, genuinely living as oneself. Then again, I think that in many ways, living genuinely as yourself IS how one gets to know God more in the long run. How can you have a close relationship with someone unless you’re truly yourself?

    Can’t wait to read the rest.

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