This is how Bill Gates Became So Rich

February 21, 2007

Many things that Bill Gates does are commendable and ought to be lionized by most writers and analysts. But this article suggests that his greatest achievements may have to do with the children he is raising. Read this about his attitudes toward how his own children use the Internet.

To summarize, his 10-year old daughter is only allowed on 45 minutes a day and his younger son is not allowed on at all. When his son asked him if he would have restrictions on the Internet all his life, his answer was “no, some day you will move out and then you can do as you like”.

This guy impresses me more than most people. Yes, he is the richest man in the world, but he is giving over half his wealth away and now he shows that he raises his kids with wisdom. No wonder he has handled his business and money so expertly.



  1. Good for him! I notice that the screen-time limit is for non-school use, and I’m glad to see that. While it means that the kids might be spending considerably more time online than 45 minutes per day, at least their rec time online is limited.

    Heck, I should do the same for myself…but then I’d never read your posts.

  2. Considering that Microsoft and all things technology are probably from Satan (I’m only kidding a little), ya gotta love a guy who knows when he has acquired enough wealth. But aside from the wealth, how many earth-shakers are comfortable enough in their own skin to walk away from something they have lived and breathed for so many years in order to focus exclusively on helping others? My hat’s off to you Mr. Bill!

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