Medicine and Quantum Physics Join together Over Religion

April 10, 2007

Quantum Physics teaches, among many other things, that you cannot observe events at the molecular level without affecting the results. Stated more simply, the act of watching atoms do their thing makes atoms do things differently. This is referred to as a Quantum State.

Have I bored you completely? Well, it gets more interesting when this theory is applied to the medical profession.

In a recent study done by the University of Chicago, they found that a patients’ religious background had an effect on the quality and speed of their recovery. Here are some results from the study:

Among the more than 1,100 doctors who returned the survey, the results showed that 56 percent believed religion and spirituality had much or very much influence on health.

But only 6 percent believed religion or spirituality had changed “hard” medical outcomes.

Instead, most doctors believed that religion and spirituality:

– Often helps patients cope with illness (76 percent)

– Gives patients a positive state of mind (74 percent)

– Provides emotional and practical support through the religious community (55 percent)

But the intriguing finding is that the results changed depending on the religious background of the doctor. If the doctor was religious themselves, they saw more value in the role that religion plays in the life of their patients. Doctors with little or no background in religion recognized less of a role that religion plays in the patients in their care.

The question is this: Do Christian doctors actually provide a better foundation for God’s involvement in the life of a patient than someone who does not believe in God? Are non-believing physicians ignoring what God is doing?

I personally think that a doctor who believes in God and expects God to be involved in the life of those they care for actually will see God do things that may not happen with non-believing doctors. I think I may look to be care for by Christian doctors in the future…as long as they have the same training and skills as my current doctor.



  1. There are some wonderful posts here, but going back through this year, and part of last year, I see a mere smattering of comments on some very insightful topics. It’s interesting, and sad, that the postings which invoked the greatest responses were about sex and the movies. Why is that? Does the author need to stick to titillating topics? Or perhaps politics is the way to go; after all, we are a politically divided nation and emotions run high on this topic.

    Hey, try working Anna Nicole Smith or American Idol into the next posting and see if more readers don’t respond. Pardon my sarcasm but come on brothers and sisters, set aside exclusively visceral (look it up) living and go deep now and then. Push yourselves a little, it’s actually rewarding. Plus, I’ve got news for you: the never-ending pursuit of feel-good Christianity WILL GET BORING. We are created to pursue growth and depth with the Lord. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, but it’s unhealthy when it’s only about entertainment.

    You are blessed with an author here who is a real thinker (whether you agree with him or not), don’t waste his gifts.

  2. Anon: Thank you for the generous comments. I agree with you also that titillation and entertainment get more of a rise out of people.

    But I also know that people are reading this blog quite regularly who do not often comment. I get emails personally from people who are interacting with the postings but are too shy or insecure to comment.

    The counter shows that about 100 people a day are reading this blog. For those who do, please be assured that if you make a sincere comment, I won’t rip your head off in print.

    Anon: Thanks again.

  3. Okay, but I would like to hear from the quiet one’s out there, especially those of you who have differing opinions. Some of you have wonderful insights and wisdom, and you should share them.

    Why go controversial? Because there is a gaping social, political, and religious divide between believers. Everybody knows it, but few want to confront it, preferring instead to keep the peace and say nothing. This has the affect of limiting our faith to narrowly defined boundaries. Outside those boundaries Satan roams at will. I would love to find a forum where some of these issues could be hammered out with the purpose of finding more and more common ground. That means readers must be willing to participate, step out in faith and share their views. Yep, it means taking risks. It also means the postings will need to be provocative, including topics that have been off limits in many Christian circles. I’m not after a brawl, just to understand and be understood.

    It seems like we’ve been playing it safe in the political and social arenas, preferring and endless diet of warm fuzzy feelings. As a result, our values are confused. Don’t we have an obligation to pursue unity, at least to some degree, in the body?

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