I Could Be A Weatherman…

May 19, 2007

…or many other professions for that matter, if I based it upon the expertise coming from the National Weather Service.

Here is what they say about the weather in the Midwest during June:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Temperatures and precipitation in the Midwest have an equal chance of being above or below normal in June, the National Weather Service said in its latest monthly forecast released on Thursday.That pattern could linger through August for the nation’s key grain growing regions, U.S. weather forecasters said. Regions which could have a hotter-than-normal summer include the East and West Coasts and the coastal areas on the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, June precipitation on the coasts could be either above or below normal, the Weather Service forecast.

Let me take a crack at the stock market: “During June, stocks have an equal chance of going up or down”. Or the NBA playoffs, “Detroit, San Antonio, Salt Lake or Cleveland may win the championship”.

My name may or may not be Mike and I may or may not have written some part of this.



  1. With those abilities, we could all be weatherpersons… or anything else…

    Hey, can we be you?


  2. Actually, anyone could do my job; I only work one day a week.

  3. Yeah, right… sorry, that doesn’t fly. You are always on the job!

  4. and not a full day, just a few hours Sunday morning. smile.

    Anyway, we need to guard that our church doesn’t become like the weather forcast “could be this or it might be that”. God’s truth is absolute.

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