The Next Crusade? (I certainly hope not)

July 11, 2007

Apparently I’m in one of those silly moods today. But this article in the Calgary Sun just took me by surprise. It’s a story about a Christian Paintball park in Wisconsin. They have rules like “don’t swear if you get hit in the head” and “no spiteful players” (I guess that means you have to feel repentant after slaughtering another player).

But I love the conclusion of the player interviewed by the reporter:

While glad to save the Promised Land, after a day embedded with God’s play-army, I have lingering questions — which I ask Ohio Christian player Dan Skinner. Would Jesus play paintball? And how well?

“The Bible talks about Jesus wrestling with his disciples,” he answers. “I believe if he played paintball he would play just like anyone else.

“He wouldn’t use his divine power to win, because that would be cheating.”

Read the rest here.


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