Gleanings From My Bookmarks

August 29, 2007

You know by now that I revel in the offbeat and less-traveled paths in life. That also includes websites. Every once in awhile, I come across lesser-known websites that turn out to be better than most of the sites everyone visits.

As I was cleaning out my “Bookmark” file, I was reminded of several that I use regularly which are so cool and helpful that I thought I would share them with readers of this blog. If any of them help you, please let everyone else know.

In no particular order then:

1. Pocketmod (www.pocketmod.com). You wouldn’t think by looking at it that this little piece of paper could get almost anyone organized. But let me tell you: This will save you all the cost of a PDA or maybe even a laptop. This is like having a Personal Information Manager in your back pocket that never has to be booted up. Try it at least twice and you will be hooked.

2. Zamzar (www.zamzar.com). Have you ever received a file from someone that was in a format you couldn’t read or work with? This site will convert it for free to the format you need. Just upload the file and then pick which format you want it in. Zamzar sends it to your email account.

3. Concisefreeware (www.concisefreeware.com). For years I have been a fan of Open Source Software. OSS is software that is designed and improved upon by the Online world. These programs also happen to be free. This site has a listing of the best of them. It was at Concisefreeware that I was first introduced to OpenOffice (which does a very good job at competing with MS Office), GIMP (an improvement on Photoshop IMO), and Audacity (the world’s best audio editing program).

4. AirFare Prediction (www.farecast.com). You just heard your friend booked his flight to Hawaii for half of what you paid…on the same website! How did that happen? Well, he may have gone to AirFare Predictors. At this site, you can put in your destination and they will give you a very accurate prediction of when that airfare will drop in price…for what kind of seats…and for how long.

5. Bubble (www.bubbl.us). Bubble is my favorite new site. You can propose any idea and branch out from it with many brainstorming directions. Then, when you are finished, it can be printed out easily in a graphical format that gives you a single view of the entire project. I use this tool for my writing all the time.



  1. Wow … these are pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aaron: Do you have any sites that are lesser known that you would like to recommend (or anyone else for that matter)?

  3. oooohh, great sites! Especially, for me, that last one!

  4. TinyURL (http://tinyurl.com/)
    This website will take any URL and shorten it to just a few characters. This avoids URL’s breaking in email strings or if you want to instant message a URL but it is too long.

    If I dig up any more that I use, I’ll let you know.

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